A critical component of this programme that we take from other massive open online courses, is that the student cohort helps themselves through the problem.  One student’s problem may have been faced by many, and a good vehicle that helps to record questions and answer them is an important component in helping students find answers.

To address this, we are going to use askbot, an open source Django project that builds a forum similar to IVLE but with voting mechanisms and easy authentication via OpenID (e.g., Google account, FaceBook account).

We hope that all students will participate and help on the askbot forum.  Student’s participation will be a factor in the S/U grading of the student projects.

Jump to the Orbital Askbot forum here.

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  1. You might wonder where to leave your comments about Orbital. We suggest that you leave most questions about Orbital in the Askbot forum, as this is the best way for people to up/downvote information about the programme.

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