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Liftoff 2020 will be held on 11 May (Mon), whole day. The focus of the workshop this year is on project idea formulation and planning. The technical workshops will be shifted online with physical help sessions conducted during Mission Control.

All Orbital students need to be present at Liftoff unless their absence has been specifically permitted in writing in email by a facilitator of the course.

Prospective students, please ensure that you have extended your living arrangements and made appropriate travel arrangements if you are planning to leave Singapore shortly after exams.  If leaving for an international flight after the second date, please ensure you have appropriate travel time. (+1 hr to return to your living accommodations to get your baggage, +1 hr to get to the airport; 2 hrs for check-in; so probably around 10pm or later).

The tentative schedule for Liftoff 2020 will be released closer to the date.

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