SlackWe’re going to try to use Slack as our communications platform for Orbital 2015.  All of those who have expressed their interest in Orbital have been invited to join Slack in the orbital2015 team*.  We hope you’ve got your invite and if not, please check your spam folder (we’ve sent it to the address you gave us as your primary in your registration of interest).

Update: about 1/2 of the cohort has joined Slack, but the other half may have missed their invitation.  If you didn’t get an invite at this point (9 Apr 2015), you may want to check your spam and trash mail folders.  We send the invitation to the address you indicated was your primary address.

In Slack, you (and your teammate, if you registered as a team) will be assigned to a peer evaluation group (an EG) within the next few weeks.  Your advisors will be leading you through the Orbital program as part of their EG.  Stay tuned!  You will receive announcements from Orbital via this #announce channel (they will also be available on the homepage).  See you and good luck on your remaining weeks in Sem II.

Orbitees will gradually be added to this team in slack for Orbital.  Tell your friends who’ve filled out the Registration of Interest form at not to worry yet, as we’re trying to bring up all of our administration up to speed in preparation for the summer.

See you on 11-12 May for the Liftoff Workshop!

* for those from other faculty or outside of NUS and SoC, we may not have accepted your registration yet, due to capacity constraints.  Stay tuned!

Dr Damith will be giving our Mission Control #5, a short lecture and homework for his topic of “Visual Design Basics for Non-Designers” tonight at SR2, at the usual timing of 6-8pm. Hope to see you there!

While we’ll try to make the session webcasted, do try to make it down and get a chance to hear our multiple teaching award winner in action!  Be prepared for a great lecture!

Post-lecture edit:

  • Notes – Contains links to both of these other resources below.
  • Slides (25 MB)
  • Video (250MB; big, you may want to download asynchronously)

Dear all Orbital students:

Photo credits: JustGrimes @ Flickr

We have been in talks with the InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to have them over to talk about the initiative.  They have also told us that they are in the midst of organizing some events that might be of interest to all of you.  You may want to consider joining in these two events happening next week (of course, please log your attending hours as part of your Orbital timesheet, as with everything else). Some of these events are happening at Blk 71 (again!).

[Snip — what follows is from IDA]



A.      Google Cloud SQL Workshop on 18th June 2013 (Tuesday)

We will be working with developer groups in Singapore to bring to you workshops which incorporate the latest technologies with government data.

The first of our workshops will be a collaboration effort between IDA and the Google Developer’s Group :

Theme : Google Cloud SQL and Big Query with Government data.
Date : 18 June 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Location : Plugin@Blk 71. 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-18, S(139951)
Register : http:/

B.      Tech Talk on Entrepreneurship and Civic Innovation 

Join us for an evening with speakers from Google Ventures and Washington DC’s iStrategy Labs. Innovators in their own right, Bridgette and Peter will share tips on how developers and start-ups bring their solutions forward by dreaming big and aiming high.

Date : 19 June 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Location : Plugin@Blk 71. 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-18, S(139951)
Register : Email with your name and contact number.Seats are limited so register asap![Refreshments will be provided]


  • “Google, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” by Bridgette Beam, Global Entrepreneurship Manager, Google ventures
  • “Citizen Innovation for Smarter Cities” by Peter Corbett, Chief Executive Officer, iStrategy Labs
  • “Sharing on Apps4SG Competition and an upcoming Hackathon –  Looking for the brightest and most creative minds in Singapore to help improve the way we live, study, work and play” by, IDA
  • Q&A with Bridgette and Peter

event logo (horizontal)_4Event Venue_4


Courtesy: billsoPHOTO @ Flickr

To help you with what is expected for the first peer evaluation, we have done a sample project report, evaluation and response for the example Giftbook project. To see it:

  • On IVLE, under CS3108B_Orbital, go to Project -> **MISSION CONTROL** (Orbital Instructing Staff) -> Project Wiki to find the project report
  • You can find a sample evaluation of the project in the Folders.
  • The project report also contains a response to the peer review — after peer evaluation is completed on Monday 2 June, we will send you a copy of the feedback provided by your peers, and you are supposed to respond in your report by Wed 5 June.

There will be a short briefing about Orbital on Thursday 21st Feb (this Thursday) from 6:10-7:00pm in Seminar Room 1. Please come with your questions, or if you can’t make it in person, attend the Google+ Hangout (named “NUS Orbital” at the same time.)

If you cannot be there physically or virtually, please fill out this form to register your interest and ask other questions: