This page lists the various Mission Control sessions that will be taking place in the 2014 Orbital session.  Please refer back to this page when new details are posted.  We’ll try our best to also to announce the sessions through announcements, and ensure that the tutorials (when possible) are recorded and broadcast for your viewing convenience.


Here’s the new 2014 schedule!  Mission Controls are every week (on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm at various venues) with exceptions to be noted below (and announced).

2014 Mission Controls are structured into three distinct types, corresponding to different months (May / Jun / Jul).  Beginning topics will be discussed in May; Intermediate topics in Jun and alternative frameworks to be discussed in Jul.

S/N (date) Topic Presenter Venue Notes
#1 (20 May) Twitter Bootstrap Min SoC SR3 Video here.  Notes here.
#2 (27 May) jQuery Karan Kamath Plug-In @ Blk 71 Video here.  Notes here.  Exercises here.
#3 (3 Jun) Introduction to Databases and Google’s DatastoreSQL vs. NoSQL Tam SoC SR3   Video here.  Notes here.  Slides here.  Past video on NoSQL vs. SQL here.
#4 (Mon 9 Jun) (please note the special date) Today’s Web Attacks And How They Impact Your Online Social Life Julian Ho SoC SR3  Notes here.
#5 (17 Jun) Visual Design Basics for Non-Designers Damith SoC SR2 Notes here (contains links to slides and video)
#6 (24 Jun) FaceBook Login 2.0 and OpenID Wee Sun Plug-In @ Blk 71 Notes here. Video here.
#7 (1 Jul) Map APIs Yos Riady SoC SR3 Notes here (has links to code and slides).  Video here.
#8 (8 Jul) Python/GAE unit testing Wang Gaoxiang Plug-In @ Blk 71 Video here.  Notes here.
#9 (15 Jul) Introduction to Swift Min SoC SR3 Notes here.  Video here.
#10 (22 Jul) Introduction to Node.js Zhi An Plug-In @ Blk 71 Notes here.
#11 (29 Jul) Introduction to Ruby on Rails Muhammad Muneer SoC SR2 Slides here. Video here.  Docs here.

Below lists the 2013 schedule, for posterity.

S/N (Date) Topic Presenter Venue Notes
(21 May)
Magento eCommerce platform (advanced) Paypal SR3
(28 May)
Twitter Bootstrap (beginner) Min Plug-In@Blk 71 Video at:
(4 Jun)
Presentation Power (Prezi, sourcing free photos, sounds; beginner) Min SR3 Video at:
(11 Jun)
Basic Security (beginner) Camillus SR3
(18 Jun)
Google Cloud SQL Workshop
(register here)
GDG/IDA Plug-In@Blk 71 (6-9pm) Notes here
(25 Jun)
Simple Database Design (beginner) Tam SR3 Notes here
(2 Jul)
Node.js (beginner) Pallav Plug-In@Blk 71 Video at Notes here.
(9 Jul)
SQL vs. No SQL (intermediate) Tam SR3 Video at Notes here.
(16 Jul)
Google App Engine for PHP
(register here)
GDG/IDA Plug-In@Blk 71
#10 23 Jul) Agile Methodologies Winston SR3
(30 Jul)
OneMap IDA Plug-In@Blk 71