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Registration now open
Dear 2016 Orbitees:

The countdown has begun!  You may now register your interest to join the Orbital programme.  After registering, you’ll be placed on the email list for the summer programme that we will use to keep in contact with you and you’ll be assigned an advisor who will give you more details on the summer course as it progresses.  Just click the link below to register yourself (and a teammate if you already know whom you want to work with).  For instructions in navigating the registration process, watch the You Tube video:

We know you are wondering about some questions, so here are some answers that may help you clear your doubts:

Q1) Is there any obligation by filling out this registration form?
A1) Nope, it just allows us to know who you are and to establish contact with you.  You can decide not to participate in Orbital even after you register, with no risk to yourself.

Q2) After I fill in the registration form, am I “officially” in?
A2) If you are a current Year 1 SoC student, yes!  Congratulations, you’re done!  (Yezzz! High five!)

If you belong to other faculty, are doing a minor, are in a different year than year 1, or external to NUS, you will be placed on a list for vacancies that will be approved from time to time.  Unfortunately, we can’t exactly tell you when you’ll know when you’ll be allowed to join, but we will endeavour to start turning away students once vacancies are filled in short order, so you can make alternative plans.

Q3) Is there a deadline for filling out this registration form?
A3) Yes. You can register as late as the end of Reading Week, the 22 April 2016.  However, the sooner the better for the administrative staff, as we can better estimate the interest from all of you potential first year SoC students.  Since there’s no risk (see Q1), why don’t you register? (hint, hint)

Q4) Is there a briefing to help students learn more about Orbital?
A4) Sure there is.  9 March 2016 1600-1715 at SR1.  See you there (see the previous post!)

* Attendance at the Liftoff workshop on 9-10 May is mandatory, but students who want to participate in Orbital who cannot make the workshop dates need to let Orbital staff know in advance.

Stop the presses!  I’m ready to register!

(or use the top navbar to go to Skylab and click on the login menu, if that doesn’t work for you)

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