Posted on June 29, 2014 by orbital

One of our trusty advisers will play tutor this coming week to help you get through the basics of Map APIs.  Yos Riady will be giving our Mission Control #7, on Map APIs.  Yos has prepared for this session since even the beginning of summer, so it should be great!

While we’ll try to make the session webcasted, do try to make it down and give our senior students (ahem tutors) some support as they try their hand at teaching.  If you have already implemented these features in your Orbital web project, please still come down to help others with their projects.  On the other hand, if you’re stuck (I see some of you might still be), please come down or watch the webcast.

Remember, if these things are relevant towards your project, you can build them in and count it towards your three basic achievements to extend a Vostok project to Project Gemini level of achievement.

See you soon!


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