Splashdown in Progress!

This is the authoritative page for official instructions and information for Orbital students about Splashdown, so please refer to this page. Only important class-wide updates about Splashdown 2014 will be posted to Piazza.

Splashdown 2014 is over. See you next year for the new batch of Orbital projects! Check back in July 2015!

Dear Invitees: (exclusive of Orbital students): please register your attendance by filling out this quick registration form (deprecated; see next year’s event).

You can find archival information about Splashdown 13 here.

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Splashdown Overview

Orbital’s Splashdown workshop is the closing event for NUS SoC’s summer self-study module for first year students. All teams must mandatorily present a poster about their completed project. All teams must prepare an A1 sized poster and printed at Technical Services in COM1. Poster printing for this event is sponsored and will not cost you any money. Team should go to the technical services counter of a PDF or PPT version of their A1 poster for printing.

There will likely be external guests coming to the event. Teams are also welcome to invite their friends and guests to participate in the event (but please have the register with the link at the top of this page). Prizes will be awarded to the top team in each level of achievement, as determined by the facilitators of the course and by public voting.


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Prof. Juzar Motiwalla addresses the Orbital graduands
Prof. Juzar Motiwalla addresses the Orbital graduands
Thoughtworks' Tan Tze Hon describes the Agile working mindset!
Thoughtworks’ Tan Tze Hon describes the Agile working mindset!
Google's Erica Hanson describes the three core strengths you need to identify within yourself
Google’s Erica Hanson describes the three core strengths you need to identify within yourself
Vostok Graduates!
2014 Vostok Graduates!
Project Gemini Graduates!
2014 Project Gemini Graduates!
Project Gemini Graduates!
2014 Apollo 11 Graduates!
Best Apollo 11 Project by Jonathans!
Best Vostok Project by Chronos!
Best Project Gemini Project: by Undefined!
Best Project Gemini Project by Undefined!
Best Apollo 11 Project by Jonathans!
Best Apollo 11 Project by Jonathans!

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Event Schedule

Splashdown will be held on 22 August from 18:00-21:00 at SoC’s SR1 (Seminar Room 1)

Updated 19 Aug 2014

  • 18:00-18:45: Poster Session 1
    (Groups are listed in alpha order of teams; there are two sessions so if you don’t see your name here, look for it in Poster Session 2)

    144 2 / 121 36 / 103 9 / 128 Ambienators / 119 Apeiros / 135 Ariecorn / 101 AuthenticSingapore / 110 Beeblebum / 117 Beyondthevoid / 129 Break Code / 140 CHiANGE / 136 CSquare / 130 Chow & Mawi / 106 Chronos / 133 Corgis (CORGS) / 134 DUCO / 116 Daedalus / 124 Doracherry / 127 FlipTable / 141 FoodHunt / 131 ForestKing / 146 GoRoad / 132 Jonathans / 145 KLCG / 122 L / 112 LTO / 138 Lima 6 / 142 Mind yr Child / 108 minewn / 143 nomNOMz / 114 NuVi / 148 OrbiTrek / 104 P.O.P / 125 PAFO / 111 Partners Forever / 147 Sagittarius / 118 Sloth / 102 Socee / 115 SpAceship / 126 Steam / 105 Strikers / 123 Summer / 107 T-roll / 109 Team.Sonyong / 139 The Green Mushrooms / 120 Together / 137 Too Young Too Simple / 113 zkwxyp
  • 18:45-19:05: Oral Session 1 – Entrepreneurship at SoC – Juzar Motiwalla (NUS SoC Entrepreneurship)
  • 19:05-19:50: Poster Session 2
    (Groups are listed in alpha order of teams; there are two sessions so if you don’t see your name here, look for it in Poster Session 1)

    207 &NBSP / 223 4 (Untitled) / 218 Annie & Friends / 227 Avalanche / 225 Calipash / 216 C-DOTA / 226 CheatChat / 229 Chey~ / 208 Chocolate / 210 Chocolate Kitty / 221 Double Bees / 244 Duoz / 213 Genesis / 209 Gosperize / 211 Here for beer / 245 HopelesslyLost / 202 JSTR / 217 Jin / 239 Kappa / 243 Leo / 203 MAPNUS / 222 Maphack / 219 mHeal / 204 NFCUIZ / 214 Neptune / 234 No Trubble / 205 Nova / 224 Orange / 228 Patrick&Lewis / 220 Random Thought / 242 soc14 / 236 splitter / 212 TBD / 201 temp / 230 Tertin / 247 Turtles / 246 twin L / 215 Undefined / 248 UniComparator / 235 WahSeh / 233 We Need Space / 240 WhyCs / 241 Willow&Peach / 231 Wonders / 206 μ2
  • 19:50-20:30: Oral Session 2Thoughtworks
  • What I wish I knew about agile as a student (Tan Tze Hon, Thoughtworks)Google
  • Capitalize on your Strengths (Erica Hanson, Google SG)
  • 20:30-21:00: Awards Ceremony / Closing

SR1 Layout

Current as of 20 Aug 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be food and drink?
A: Unfortunately, no. Please ensure to come with your bellies full and with enough water to last during the session. It’s been our experience that Splashdown is a lively event with lots of buzz; so continually presenting your posters can be tiring. Keep hydrated!

Q: How do I figure out my project ID?
A: It’s your poster session (1 or 2), followed by your poster board’s location. For example, Sloth’s project ID is 118; &NBSP is 207. Project IDs are three digits, with the lead digit being your poster session number and the last two digits being your poster board location’s number padded to two digits. Your project ID is important as this is how we determine best project for each achievement level.

Q: What should the contents of the poster be about?
A: Great question! It’s up to you. Probably you want to differentiate your project from others, so if you are doing a Python/GAE project for example, most of the cohort will already be familiar with (some of) the technical aspects. You could discuss the motivation, testing, the documentation and libraries used. If you have the application on a smartphone, laptop or tablet, you may also want to demo your working application (hiding the bugs, of course).

Remember that Google SG is giving away prizes to best project, where you (and us) have voting privileges to help determine the winners, so whatever you want to do to curry favor with your peers is a-ok (within NUS policy, of course). You’ll find that marketing is a very big key for technology acceptance in the real world, anyways. You can check out similar poster sessions at the STePS events, done by your seniors:


for ideas on content.

Q: How large should our posters be?
A: Your poster should be A1 sized (841 x 594 mm)

Q: Should I mount my poster in portrait or landscape format?
A: Both are possible. The poster board mounts are 1x1m.

Q: What will the presentation stations for each project consist of?
A: We will be able to guarantee each project a side of a posterboard, large enough to mount an A1 sized poster on. Most projects will have to share a grey 1 m console table with another project, as space and the availability of console tables makes them limited resources. No power outlet will be available to charge devices, so please come with any electronic devices (phone, laptop) charged.

Q: When do we have to be there to set up?
A: Presenters for Poster Session 1 can set up their posters as early as 5:00pm. Presenters for the Poster Session 2 can set up during Oral Session 1. Please take down your posters and clear your station after your poster session. Note that you may have provide your own mounting tape and pins for the posterboard. Please do dispose/recycle posters properly.

Q: Do we have to do on-site registration? If so, when should I do it?
A: Only if you are a guest (NUS external, or SoC student / staff coming down to support the event, or Orbital student who didn’t complete the course). See the registration link.

If you are a guest, you should come to the registration desk (near the entrance of SR1) during registration from 17:30 onwards to pick up your Voter ID for the evening. You’ll need to keep track of what 3 projects you think are the best to vote on, so that’s why you need your Voter ID.

Current Orbital students do not need to register. Members of your project team can take turns going to the other projects to grade and see what else is out there that’s cool and worth knowing about. Current Orbital students will be sent an email before the event with their Voter ID.

Q: When can we print our posters?
A: Anytime between now and 22 August. Be aware it takes time for the posters to print and that each team is only sponsored 1 A1 sized poster, to be printed at Technical Services in COM 1 Level 1 (if you need to re-print, you’ll have to pay on your own). We strongly encourage you to print early, no later than the 21st, due to potential queues during the 22th.

Q: Is it possible to release the voter IDs in advance so as to include the ID into the poster design?
A: The voter IDs are what you use for voting for best projects. The project ID is the number that uniquely identifies your project number (see the above for in the SR1 Layout; all projects in Poster Session 1 will start with ‘1’ and likewise for Poster Session 2). They will be posted on the poster board itself so that everyone can identify projects uniformly, in the same manner.

However, if you wish to still repeat the project ID on your poster you’re welcomed to. The Splashdown page will soon list the project ID. Basically it corresponds to the position of the poster board where you’ll be presenting, prefixed by a ’1′ or ’2′ for which poster session you’ll be in (see earlier question and answer in FAQ).

Q: Must the contents on A1 poster be printed or can we draw/paste stuff on it? Can we just take a blank piece of A1 paper from the technical services without printing?
A: Anything goes! You can do whatever you want with your one piece of A1 quota (sponsored by Google!). Be creative! It’ll be attached to a poster board so it shouldn’t be too heavy or break the center of gravity with the poster on the other side (there’s another team presenting on the back). If you want to just take a single sheet without printing, our advice is to buy your own sheet of A1 paper, so that if you want to print color things to paste to the sheet, you can still print a A1 sized paper to cut out/collage/etc. for later.

The A1 sized paper offer is for Splashdown only and will not be available to you (even if you don’t use it) after 22 August, Friday. Theoretically you can use the A1 for anything you want if you don’t use it for Orbital (e.g., printing K-pop boy/girl band poster for your dorm room), but we’ll have to settle the account after 22 August, Friday, so print soon. Though tech services might be wondering how it’s related…

Q: Will our posters be vetted first before printing?
A: Thanks for your question! No, we do not intend to vet your posters. We trust that you will exercise prudence in printing content on your posters. They will be viewable by the general public — so please do not put anything controversial on the posters (profanity, personal information, etc.). If in doubt, feel free to ask us directly via email or Piazza.

Q: What prizes will be awarded during Splashdown?
A: Actually, you’ve already won the best prize of all — self-confidence and the ability to find and use technical information on the web to accomplish tasks. Of course, we all learned valuable lessons that will help the next time we have to do project management (likely this coming semester!) But since you asked: Google has sponsored prizes for the top team in each level of achievement. Up your game and work on your soft skills to best promote your project to your peers and to the invitees that will attend the Splashdown event, and clinch the coveted top prize in category — you’ll need more than technical skill to do this!

(This item added on 14 Aug 2014) Q: A1 sized posters are pretty bulky and not very fun to carry around, much less back and forth. Is there any provision for poster storage?
A: Yes! If you do print your poster early (as we advise, technical services may not be able to handle any last minute, last day requests), you can store them in the Undergraduate Office (COM1 #02-19). Just come by the UG office after printing and rolling up your poster, and ask for Ms Mah Chain Yee. She will direct you to store your poster somewhere in my sub-office within the UG office. On the day of Splashdown, you can come by and collect your poster before 5pm for mounting on the poster board (the UG office will close and be locked after 5pm).

(Items added on 22 Aug 2014) Q: I would like to inquire about the dress code for the Orbital Splashdown tomorrow. What are we supposed to wear?
A: You may wear any attire that you’d like. There will be a group photograph per level of achievement and you may be photographed for SoC’s and Google’s publicity. If you are
uncomfortable with this, please do let us know and we’ll try our best
not to have you in any public photographs.

Q: Also, for the project that my group did, we can’t host it online for the public to test or download. Do we have to bring our laptop to showcase during the presentation?
A: If you have the video of your third milestone publicly available you
may want to show that instead of a demo, since that might run on
other devices (e.g. a powered smartphone).

Q: Regarding the presentation you’d mention in piazza, will the presentation/pitch be on stage or at our booth?
A: All teams will be doing presentations of their posters at their own poster stands. No teams are required on stage this time (no time for everyone to go). The Orbital staff will be reviewing teams whose achievement level are in question. IF you have not received any notice or warning from your advisors or from myself or Wee Sun, you have been deemed to achieve the level of achievement that you have aimed for