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This page lists the various Mission Control sessions that will be taking place in Orbital 2018.  Please refer back to this page when new details are posted.  We’ll try our best to also to announce the sessions through announcements, and ensure that the tutorials (when possible) are recorded and broadcast for your viewing convenience.

Mission Controls are scheduled on Saturdays (morning to early afternoon) in the first 5 weeks of the Orbital Programme. The venue will be the NUS Enterprise spaces of the Hangar (I3 Building, first floor).

Mission Control is structured as a 1/2 day event where two, short technical workshops go over beginner and alternative development topics, with team hacking time and catered food (for Orbital students only) in between.

The tentative schedule for Mission Control 2018 is as follows:

S/N (date) Topic Presenter Notes
#1 (19 May 2018) iOS Development [Slides, Videos]
#2a (26 May 2018) Piskel [Sample, Video]
#2b (26 May 2018) Game Development [Slides, Video]
#3 (2 June 2018) PHP/Ruby on Rails [Slides (PHP), Slides (RoR), Video]
#4a (9 Jun 2018) UI/UX [Slides, Video]
#4b (9 Jun 2018) Web App Deployment [Setup, Repo, Video]
#5 (16 Jun 2018) Tensorflow  [Slides, Video]
#6a (23 Jun 2018) Software Testing  [SlidesVideo,Repo]
#6b (23 Jun 2018) Web Security  [Slides, Video]