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Credits: Scott Beale @ Flickr

Your senior Cheong Jack Kuan will be giving a short tutorial and hands-on for Twitter Bootstrap — the CSS framework that is useful for giving that ™ed, clean look for most websites. A key part of Bootstrap is in its responsive design, making sites look decent on small resolutions (low res smartphones) as well as big ones (your 30″ Apple Thunderbolt Display).

This is a beginner level session — applicable to any web-based project.

The Mission Control Session will be held at SR3 (COM1 #02-12) on Wednesday 20 May; please check back with us on Slack or on G+ Hangouts for updates. If we have no problems with the recording you can try to join us on G+ Hangouts on Air, look for [NUS Orbital 2015] as the tag.

[A reminder that Mission Control sessions are optional; they are not mandatory events for Orbitees, but highly encouraged to attend if you are local to SG and NUS. The sessions will be roughly one hour long of tutorial and another free-form hour where partners are encourage to pair program on your projects and receive help from any facilitator or advisor who is around.

If you do attend an MC session (virtually or physically), you’re welcome to include your time in the project log. Homework assignments from MCs when completed can also be used as evidence for higher level of achievements (Project Gemini, Apollo 11). ]

See ya there!

ProfilePicTutorial given by:
Cheong Jack Kuan

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