Posted on April 22, 2015 by orbital

You may already be in the know, but our School also hosts a real big bash at the end of the semester (happening tonight, Wednesday night from 6-10pm).  It’s called the SoC Term Project Showcase (STePS) and it’s a larger version of Orbital’s Splashdown showcase.

Tonight is the 6th STePS, and it will be bringing together your seniors in the 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx (and even some of the exciting postgraduate modules) who have done term projects in their respective modules.  They’ll also be doing their project presentations just like you will at the end of Orbital.  Drop by for a visit to learn about

Formal registration (with food) is closed already, but you can always drop by this evening.  Expect it to be *very* crowded but full of excitement!  Check out the details on the STePS website for more:

Yeah! — Go SOC!


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