The briefing slides for Orbital 2021 are now available at
There will be an online Q&A session via Zoom on 10 Mar (Wed) at 4pm @ Please feel free to join the session if you have any questions.
In addition, one important clarification about the application process is as follows:
If you are also applying for an internship for the summer, you will need to get the approval from your internship company and submit a document proof to us later.
If you do not manage to get the approval or submit the proof, your team will be removed from the programme.
(Do take note that the expected workload for Orbital is 140 hours per student over the summer.)
Have a nice weekend!
We had about 160 participants for the Q&A session on 10 March. Thanks a lot for the questions and I hope that now you have a better understanding of the programme. ?
The application for Orbital 2021 can be submitted via
Do take note that the application process is NOT first-come-first-served and the deadline is 17 March (Wednesday), 6pm.
Have a nice day!

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