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Dear all:

Your first Orbital hurdle is here!  Please make sure to file your team’s README and Project Log and link to video in Skylab no later than 30 May 2016 11:55pm SGT, but preferably as soon as possible).   N.B. – The Skylab link is available from the main Orbital website.

Min went over the process in brief at the conclusion of Liftoff (video here), which gives the overview of the entire evaluation process for all three months and milestones.

  1. We’ve also prepared a video for you to watch with your teammate on what you need to do to file your Milestone 1.  The video covers several steps:
  2. How to set a password on your account, in case NUS OpenID goes down (this was an issue last year)
  3. Where to preview the evaluation forms used in the peer review process for Milestone 1
  4. Then, how to file your Milestone 1 deliverables (README, Project Log, 1 minute Video Link*).
  5. Finally, to remind you that you must ask for any form of extension in advance of the deadline.  Any deadline extension request should be filed with your advisor.

In the following week (30 May — 6 Jun), you’ll also need to do the peer evaluations of your three peer teams in your evaluation group to be listed in Skylab. These evaluations are due to be submitting in Skylab no later than 6 Jun 2016 11:55pm (exactly 1 week later).

Stay in touch with your advisor and ask if you need help on Slack!

* For the 1 minute video link, you can use an offset to the Ignition videos that we captured, by viewing and time stamping one of the three videos: i3 Auditorium , The Hangar , Extras

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