Posted on April 9, 2013 by orbital.

Hi all:

At this point, all students that have told us that you’re interested in Orbital have been added as guests into IVLE’s module for Orbital.  Don’t worry if you later decide not to join Orbital, the module registration is largely just to help us form a channel to communicate with all of you.

A quick few things:
– You’ll need to attend the Liftoff 2-day workshop (13 and 14th May).  This is a mandatory requirement, but if you cannot be present due to a conflict, we can grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  Please bring up your case to Prof. Lee Wee Sun if you wish to ask for an exception.  Note that if you cannot attend the Liftoff workshop, you cannot ask for mentorship by senior students or industry professionals.
– Please go ahead and start learning Python.  We’ve posted a link to Codecademy and will be posting a video and sample exercises for python, but the best way to learn python is to practice it (through Codecademy or other sites).
– If you find other great sources for learning, please post them on askbot.  This is an important way of helping yourself and others, and peer involvement is a cornerstone of the Orbital programme.

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