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Introduction to Ruby on Rails

In the last set of Mission Control sessions, we’ll be bringing you up to date with alternative (web and mobile stack) technologies that you can consider for future projects.  

Muneer, one of our famed advisers, is going to be putting on his other cap as tutor and teaching you about the basics of Ruby on Rails (which happens to be Min’s favorite web stack).

Ruby on Rails features yet another language (Ruby) and yet another framework (Rails).  David Heinemeier Hansson of the famed Basecamp productivity software created Rails from code that he worked on.  Rails has been applied in famous projects — such as Twitter and Github — as part of their initial base code.  Learn how the mantra of “convention over configuration” gets a web framework’s initial magic done very very quickly.

While we’ll try to make the session webcasted, do try to come down for the session.  You’ll then be able to say you’re exposed to yet another language (coders should be multilingual ^_^, not just on their resume / CV).  Also, if you think others would be interested in seeing the tutorial, feel free to circulate the announcement.

See you soon!

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