Posted on June 9, 2014 by orbital

Today there are two important events that are happening.  Please take note of the following:

1) Your peer evaluations of your three peer groups are due tonight at 11:59pm SGT.  Consult the Peer Evaluation Group Post @235 to view which teams you need to evaluate.  Then post a private note to your EG’s adviser with your group’s feedback form to your adviser.  Your adviser will collate and post the evaluations by 11 Jun as follow-ups to the original Project README and log for Evaluation 1.

2) Tonight we have the special treat of having an external group, ThinkSecure, give a presentation about web security and social media, as Mission Control #4.  ThinkSecure’s Christopher Low will be giving the presentation and it will not be webcasted and recorded for technical reasons, so be sure to make it down to SR3 from 6-8pm for the session if you’re around.

TS-logo-tm-smallSee you soon!


Post edit: The slides for Chris’ presentation are here:

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