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Photo courtesy Google SingaporeA message and call for participation from Google, one of the partners in developing Orbital — a programme specific to Orbital students!

If you’re keen, please apply!
Dear Student,

Are you enthusiastic about self development? Would you like to be better prepared for the workplace? We believe possessing technical and soft skills are essential to high performance.

The Grow Beyond program is a great opportunity for you to develop your soft-skills. As a participant you will be able to develop the following skills:
– Self Awareness
– Ability to work well in teams
– Presenting with impact
– Create a strong personal brand
– Creative thinking and effective brainstorming

We will select up to 20 students to participate in this program. To qualify you must be enrolled in the NUS Orbital Program and able to attend the 2 sessions.

Time commitments – you must be able to attend the following sessions:
August 3, 9am to 3pm
August 6, 4pm to 8pm

Location: Google Singapore Office

Please submit this form ( if you are interested in applying.

Deadline to Apply: 16 July 2013

Looking forward to meet you,

Grow Beyond with Google team

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Modern applications ranging from enterprise to social network applications are essentially designed and implemented based on the widely-adopted three-tier architecture, in which user interface, functional process logic and data storage/access are developed and maintained as independent modules.

For tomorrow’s Mission Control, we shall go through basic concepts and techniques in designing and implementing the data storage and data access component for those applications.

In the process, we will learn about various sub-phases of database design including conceptual, logic and physical design.  We also have some hands-on practice on designing databases with a CASE tool (RISE Editor), and working with a popular open-source database management system (MySQL).

The following pieces of software will be used in this mission control:

1.) RISE Editor for drawing ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagram)

2.) WAMPServer for developing three-tier applications

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Hi all:

As the IDA  / Google Developer Group Meet-Up on Cloud SQL is happening at Blk 71 overlapping exactly at 6-9pm on Tuesday evening, we’re postponing Tam’s session on basic databases for a week.

Head on over to the Cloud SQL Workshop at Blk 71 instead!  Make sure to register for it (see the details in the previous post)





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Dear all Orbital students:

Photo credits: JustGrimes @ Flickr

We have been in talks with the InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to have them over to talk about the initiative.  They have also told us that they are in the midst of organizing some events that might be of interest to all of you.  You may want to consider joining in these two events happening next week (of course, please log your attending hours as part of your Orbital timesheet, as with everything else). Some of these events are happening at Blk 71 (again!).

[Snip — what follows is from IDA]






A.      Google Cloud SQL Workshop on 18th June 2013 (Tuesday)

We will be working with developer groups in Singapore to bring to you workshops which incorporate the latest technologies with government data.

The first of our workshops will be a collaboration effort between IDA and the Google Developer’s Group :

Theme : Google Cloud SQL and Big Query with Government data.
Date : 18 June 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Location : Plugin@Blk 71. 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-18, S(139951)
Register : http:/

B.      Tech Talk on Entrepreneurship and Civic Innovation 

Join us for an evening with speakers from Google Ventures and Washington DC’s iStrategy Labs. Innovators in their own right, Bridgette and Peter will share tips on how developers and start-ups bring their solutions forward by dreaming big and aiming high.

Date : 19 June 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Location : Plugin@Blk 71. 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-18, S(139951)
Register : Email with your name and contact number.Seats are limited so register asap![Refreshments will be provided]


  • “Google, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” by Bridgette Beam, Global Entrepreneurship Manager, Google ventures
  • “Citizen Innovation for Smarter Cities” by Peter Corbett, Chief Executive Officer, iStrategy Labs
  • “Sharing on Apps4SG Competition and an upcoming Hackathon –  Looking for the brightest and most creative minds in Singapore to help improve the way we live, study, work and play” by, IDA
  • Q&A with Bridgette and Peter

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For tomorrow’s Mission Control, we will be going over two common web application vulnerabilities (including some live examples, Demo God willing) and their mitigations.

In the process, you will learn a little bit about cookies, sessions, password storage, and several web development and debugging tools that can make your life easier as a developer, or form part of your arsenal as an attacker.

The talk is rather unlikely to be recorded. Parts of the presentation containing personal information that was magically obtained may be omitted due to their sensitive nature.

Update: If you attended yesterday’s Mission Control session, you might be interested in these links:


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Photo credits: Sean McEntee @ Flickr.

Min will be covering Prezi, a zoomable editor, as well as open HTML5 alternatives.

We’ll also be examining best practices for Prezi, and finding and correctly attributing sources for photos, sounds that you can embed into your presentations.

It’ll be held at SR3 from 6-8pm today.  Feel free to join us virtually via Hangouts and on Askbot.  See you then.

For your reference the list of Mission Control sessions can be found here.

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To help you with what is expected for the first peer evaluation, we have done a sample project report, evaluation and response for the example Giftbook project. To see it:

  • On IVLE, under CS3108B_Orbital, go to Project -> **MISSION CONTROL** (Orbital Instructing Staff) -> Project Wiki to find the project report
  • You can find a sample evaluation of the project in the Folders.
  • The project report also contains a response to the peer review — after peer evaluation is completed on Monday 2 June, we will send you a copy of the feedback provided by your peers, and you are supposed to respond in your report by Wed 5 June.

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Min will be giving a short tutorial and hands-on for Twitter Bootstrap — the CSS framework that is useful for giving a pretty decent look for most websites.  A key part of Bootstrap is in its responsive design, making sites look decent on small resolutions (low res smartphones) as well as big ones (your 30″ Apple Thunderbolt Display).

This is a beginner level session — applicable to any web-based project.

The Mission Control Session will be held tentatively at SR3 from 6-8pm next week; please check back with us in IVLE and Askbot for updates.

UPDATE: We’ve gotten permission from Blk 71 to host it at their space!!  Come join us over at Blk71’s Seminar Room 1.  Click on the event venue Image on the right for Google Maps info.

event logo (horizontal)_4 Event Venue_4

Post event update — Re-Recording done

For those of you who missed it, or were a bit confused about it; you can watch the re-recording I’ve done of the show here.

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Please check your email (as per your team registration) for the assignment of peer evaluators.  You should receive them within the next 24 hours from Min’s email address (knmnyn at gmail dot com).

Feel free to introduce yourselves to your CC:ed “booster” (the Orbital TA assigned to you to help encourage you to get through Orbital), and to your fellow teams (in the To: list)

Due to way IVLE configures project evaluation, you’ll be able to evaluate all of the other teams, but you only have to give feedback to the project teams that we’ve mentioned in the email.

Your peer evaluators may change over the summer, but we hope they will mostly stay fixed with these assignments.

Paypal’s team will be giving a short tutorial on Magento — an eCommerce web framework for PHP.  Unfortunately, the presentation cannot be recorded (PayPal policy) so you’ll actually have to be on site to get access to this tutorial.

The Mission Control Session will be held in SR3 from 6-8pm.  This is the default timing and location unless otherwise specified (we are working to have some sessions elsewhere when possible; we’ll let you know).

Also, if you want to participate in the hands-on session, you’ll need to have access to a LAMP / MAMP (virtual) machine.  You can requisition one through eForms in MySoC or come with your own.  For beginners, please note that this requirement (to set up a LAMP server) is not for the faint-of-heart — it can take more than several hours.  You may find it more enjoyable just to come to listen to the tutorial instead of actually trying the hands-on-exercises.  So this particular workshop may be considered more intermediate level.

We’ll also be on Askbot and G+ Hangouts (gmail ID knmnyn, perhaps others) to answer your technical questions (not just Magento) for those of you thinking of participating virtually.