Posted on June 24, 2013 by orbital

Photo credits: adesigna @ Flickr

Modern applications ranging from enterprise to social network applications are essentially designed and implemented based on the widely-adopted three-tier architecture, in which user interface, functional process logic and data storage/access are developed and maintained as independent modules.

For tomorrow’s Mission Control, we shall go through basic concepts and techniques in designing and implementing the data storage and data access component for those applications.

In the process, we will learn about various sub-phases of database design including conceptual, logic and physical design.  We also have some hands-on practice on designing databases with a CASE tool (RISE Editor), and working with a popular open-source database management system (MySQL).

The following pieces of software will be used in this mission control:

1.) RISE Editor for drawing ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagram)

2.) WAMPServer for developing three-tier applications

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