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Tentatively, Liftoff 2021 will be held online from 10 to 17 May.

The event focuses on project idea formulation + planning, and consists of the following activities:

  • (Compulsory) Programme Overview (via Google Slides @ http://bit.ly/orbital21-overview, OTOT)
  • (Compulsory) Meeting with your adviser (to be arranged by your adviser)
  • (Optional) Q&A session (11 & 13 May, 7pm via Zoom @ http://bit.ly/orbital21-qa)
  • (Compulsory) Project poster + video submission (by the end of 17 May via Skylab, please refer to the ones done by the previous Artemis teams for some examples, submission instructions in the Programme Overview Slides 21-23)
  • (Compulsory for Artemis Teams) Mentor Matching (preparation of materials for matching by the end of 13 May, actual matching period: 14-21 May)