Posted on May 14, 2017 by orbital

On Monday and Tuesday (8 and 9 May), we had our (full-house) opening event: Liftoff. More than 350 students took part in the event to learn about software development and the required technologies for their project, as well as to meet their advisors and formulate their project ideas. Towards the end, we had around 180 teams presenting their project ideas at the Ignition sessions.

Liftoff webpage @ the Orbital Website: Liftoff 2017

Slides from the Ignition sessions:

In addition, on Saturday (13 May), we had our first (and again, full-house) Mission Control workshop on MeteroJS. In this workshop, our tutors, Nick and Tyson, taught the students about how to get started in MeteorJS, write JavaScript, and use mongoDB database operations to create a simple feedback web app.

Mission Control Webpage @ the Orbital Website: Mission Control 2017

(Slides and Videos to be uploaded soon!)

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